Acoustic Guitar System | Melodic Guitar Lessons for Beginner

Acoustic Guitar System | Melodic Guitar Lessons for Beginner

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Created by: Marco Cirillo
Guitar Course Packed with Practical Guitar Lessons from Simple Fingerstyle Melodies to Beautiful Extended Chords
What you'll learn
Learn basic major and minor chords as well as extended chords such as maj7, min7, add9, sus4 and more.
From scale to melody. How to use the notes of a scale to write a melody.
How to play musical ideas using fingerpicking/fingerstyle technique.
Practical music theory and how to play musical ideas using intervals.
How to harmonize the major and minor scale and put together chord progressions.
How to implement extended chords in your playing.
You should have an acoustic or classical guitar.
It is recommended but not required to know the names of the notes on the guitar neck.
You should know how to hold the guitar correctly.
ACOUSTIC GUITAR SYSTEM is a guitar course for beginners who keep asking the same questions:
"How can I go from playing simple basic chords to beautiful sounding melodies in a few weeks."
"what about putting music theory into practice so that I can finally come up with my musical ideas."
Acoustic Guitar System is an online course that will show you how to play guitar in the most creative, musical, and practical way.
In this guitar course, I am going to show you how to transform your guitar playing and become a creative guitar player, no matter if you are a total beginner or intermediate.
We will cover things such as:
"Fingerstyle technique and how to pluck the strings to achieve the perfect tone, dynamics, and control. We will play basic melodies, chords, arpeggios, and musical ideas that will shape your fingerpicking technique."
"Practical music theory and how to put into practice basic concepts such as intervals, major and minor chords, extended chords, major and minor scales, and more."
"Beautiful chords on the guitar and how to use fingerstyle guitar to spice things up and create chord progressions that are simple yet interesting. We will cover major and minor chords as well as major 7th, minor 7th and dominant 7th chords as well as add9 and more."
Scales and melodies on guitar and how to write a beautiful melody by learning the notes of the scale and then wisely write combine chords and single notes.
Basic percussive technique on the acoustic guitar such as thumb slap and thumb slap and strum.
This guitar course is perfect for any guitar player who wants to learn more about playing guitar and truly understand how to put together chords and melody.
Three things are stopping you from becoming the guitar player you want.
Number 1: You are stuck in a guitar rot. It could be because you play the same chords and songs or because you don't know how to progress. Reaching plateau is one of the main reasons why guitar players stop playing guitar.
Number 2: You are practicing the wrong things. When I talk to beginners, I hear this a lot, "I am playing Pentatonic scales because someone told me this is the best way to start." There isn't such a thing as the best way. There is your way and what you need. Don't waste time practicing guitar styles that don't represent you. You want to be a blues player, learn blues. A classical player, learn classical guitar.
Number 3: You try to play too many things. Places like YouTube drive you crazy, and you always end up clicking on a ton of guitar lessons instead of practicing. Too many choices can slow you down big time.
The good news is, it is easy to get your motivation back if you follow a structured program.
If you want to learn how to play basic chords, extended chords, and you want to finally learn how to play simple scales and melodies using fingerstyle guitar, you should check this course. We will also learn practical music theory, simple percussive technique, and more.
Each guitar lesson comes with a dedicated Pdf that you can download and print.
PLEASE! Make sure you preview some of the lessons inside Acoustic Guitar System. You don't need this course if it doesn't resonate with your playing.
Take advantage of the 30 days money back!
My goal is to teach you how to play guitar creatively. I did my best to organize the guitar lessons step by step, but I am always open to feedback so, please, if you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with new ideas or suggestions.
Enough talking!
Grab your guitar, and let's get started.
Marco Cirillo
Who this course is for:
Guitar players who want to learn guitar in a musical, practical and interesting way.
Players who want to learn beautiful chords.
Guitar players who want to learn how to write a melody using the notes of a scale.
Guitar players who want to learn extended chords.
Guitar players who want the tool to become a professional guitar player and teacher.
Acoustic Guitar System | Melodic Guitar Lessons for Beginner

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